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Rampaging south from the frost-covered tundra of the northern plains, the Elderfall Berserkers epitomize the traits of a relentless raider; being strong, fast, adaptable and well versed in both ranged and close combat.

The Berserker doesn't specialize in melee or ranged attacks. It is a ranged/melee hybrid.

The masteries for the Berserker are Wild Berserker and Grim Berserker.

A well versed Berserker can effectively damage enemies from range and with close combat. The Berserker is countered by the Hunter, however, hunters can be dealt with using an axe throw. The most effective attack against Warriors is the slam attack, as a well placed attack is able to attack from above, away from the protective shield of the warrior.

Abilities and Attacks:

  • Attack/Left-Click: Melee Swing (Swings weapon.).
  • Main-Ability/Shift/Right-click: Axe Throw (Throws axe into the air, forming a curve.).
  • Holding Left-Click: Spin Attack (Spins axe 360 degrees (same height through the whole spin).).
  • Left-click hold while in the air: Axe Strike (Slams axe into the ground dealing very high damage).

A Berserker jumping down during its Axe Strike.

A Berserker as it uses its Axe Spin Attack.

Skill Tier 1 (class level 1)


Reduces max health but increases max stamina energy


Reduce max stamina but regain partial stamina from kills

DeathStreak; Retribution

Increased melee damage with health buff on respawn from 3rd death in a row

Skill Tier 2 (class level 4)


Receiving damage increases move speed and track attackers with a foe marker icon


Thrown weapon reveals all nearby enemies and bunnies with marker icons

Skill Tier 3 (class level 8)


Inflict more melee damage the more foes in close range


Inflict more ranged damage the further from the target

KillStreak; Berserker Rage

On 2nd player kill, each player killed in a life multiplies Player Kill XP bonus

Skill Tier 4 (class level 13)


Slam and spin attacks stun pause foes stamina recharge for a short time


Gain health from ranged kills and next ranged throw attack costs zero stamina

Skill Tier 5 - Mastery (class level 20)

Wild Berserker; Stunning Slam

Creates a stun explosion on hammer slam which slows enemy movement for a short time

Grim Berserker; Sanguine Strike

Thrown scythe creates a large impact sphere life steal of nearby foes while empty handed