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Immortal Canyon
- Blue = Blue Bandits Spawn
- Red = Red Raiders Spawn
- Yellow = Gold Chest Spawn

The Immortal Canyon is a map in Raid Land. In it, the Jump Pad are Sand and the Spike-Traps are hidden underneath stones. They are also very annoying


The Immortal Canyon is in the possession of the ֆօʟǟʀɨֆ Clan. Ancient ruinous fortresses long since abandoned adjourn this valley pass within the canyon. Tall rock walls overgrown with vines line the edge of the body ridden valley. Filled with piles of petrified bodies, these allow for parkour while holding an outstanding aerial advantage above your opponents. A local desert dwelling shaman tribe who has since taken care of and protected these ancient rocks would like you to take your conflict elsewhere, especially since these rocks contain valuable supplies of gold and other minerals. These are vital in ensuring the safety of the desert and its ecosystem. Casualty levels will be high on both sides and the guards that protect supply trains of both side are especially lethal. Containing the Portal Master Quest, the Immortal Canyon is a constant battle ground between the Blue Bandits and Red Raiders. In the Immortal Canyon too, a puzzle is left to be solved. Discover the two portals hidden in the canyon, created to stop the corruption of the VʘIÐ clan, and find out what these portals are trying to tell you, to solve the puzzle.

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