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Golem Warrior

The fabled Golem Warriors, said to only ever kneel to their faith, are trained from birth to embrace their gift ~ with a strong heart and even stronger skin, they are able to survive the harshest of battles ~ those most committed, upon reaching Mastery, unlock their full magical protection with Golem Guard.


The tall stones encircling the encampment stand imposing to the young man as he prepares to kneel to his new faith, one that he shall carry with honor and pride to the final breaths of life. The ritualists encircle him as he sheds all but his trousers and the gentle thong, thong, thong of distant drums begin to fill his mind with thoughts of peace, strength, and freedom from all else but the rocks.

His body begins to morph, and he is handed a stone forged shield forged out of something not even the strongest of arrows can pierce. A shield so strong that it carries a weight about it, treating all who stand in its path, a shield of such strength that it hurts enemies more than the standard shield that those who stand alone on the battleground, away from a faith carry.

This transformation will give him inhuman strength and teach him the eye of the storm practice, the ability to meditate to regain sleep, to heal and to keep his muscles fresh throughout the day. But most importantly he will gain to the ability to deflect projectiles that are aimed at him and his companions, a power so great in battle, even the mightiest of Hunters shy away from this shield.

The man jolts awake with a sudden start as the ritual comes to end. As he rises from one knee, he grabs the sword that has grown from the rock next to him, his personal weapon he will nurture throughout his mission of peace and freedom for all throughout the realm of Elderfall. As he raises his blade to the heavens and begins on his journey through the Realm, the sound of the final drumbeat hangs in the air, like a farewell of friends as they part ways in peace and happiness.