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π•²π–—π–Šπ–Šπ–“ π•²π–—π–Žπ–Šπ–‹π–Šπ–—π–˜[edit | edit source]

Originally from the Gloomfield Forest, they travel the expanse of Elderfall, nomadic mercenaries in search of wealth and fortune.

The story of this clan begins when a group of druids rallied against their leaders, sparking a rebellion. The war was short yet brutal. Most of the warriors on either side perished within a few days. The remaining rebels left to scavenge the lands leaving a destructive path in their wake. One man tells a tale of them burning an entire city to the ground. "It was late in the afternoon when I heard them, in the distance there was chanting amidst the clatter of the warning bells. I look out my window, the city was in anarchy. Some people running around robbing the few houses not on fire while others were trying to escape the charring lick of fire. In a panic, I ran as fast as I could. When I was outside the city I look back in time to see the tallest towers come crashing down, solidifying chaos's hold. The citadel has fallen."

Several people have tried to tame the nature of these nomads but all had failed until Bjornen. Bjornen was a big man with a strong mind. He knew of the Griefers since he was a boy, hearing of them in old wives' tales. Skillful as can be, yet insane. He knew what he wanted, to lead the Green Griefers. If he wanted a chance at commanding their forces, he would have to find a reason to have them unite. He traveled the land in search of the Griefers, hearing stories of a new threat to Elderfall just on the horizon. Eventually, finding the larger Griefer forces in a camp on the outskirts of the Immortal Canyon. After many drinks and tests of strength, they listened to him - a new war was coming. He explained and they could either fight for gold and glory or die poor. They listened to Bjornen as he told them how the strange force in Elderfall known as the Void was growing in power, but it would create a new opportunity for the Green Griefers. After a long and successful career, Bjornen passed on to the great warriors final resting place, he could slumber now, knowing he had succeeded in uniting a people together for better or worse.

These united nomads formed a mercenary guild. Within the guild, skillful members could be specifically hired for battle or search for bounties. Each member had their own camp in the Grieving Isles along with a boat to quickly sail in and out of the greater Elderfall regions - for easy access to bounties and battle fronts - all for gold and all for glory.

These days of money and glory soon came to an end. The Griefers sent many mercenaries to the southern hills on a mission to take out the leader of the Wizards who reside there. As they crossed the borders they noticed a lack of people. At first, it was believed to be a trap and the wizard forces were going to ambush them. They pushed on with an air of anticipation around them, continuing on and traveling forward deep into the Wizard's territory. After many days of traveling they came up on their capital in the Great Southern Hills, entering the city they saw barren streets and empty houses. Inside the grand hall they found a book stating this:

"Today I learned a spell to transport objects to another dimension. I don't how I did it but I don't think I should tell anyone."

"I managed to recreate the spell, it instantly pops them over there."

"I DID IT, I managed to open a window to the alternate dimension."

"Help, its getting out of control... I don't know if I can control it!"

After reading this, they sent a messenger back to the Grieving Isles to notify the rest of the guild. The highest people in the guild made a decision to to start occupying this land before any of the other clans find out. A month after that meeting happened the Green Griefers set up the base in the Wizard territory.