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Raid Land
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SideQuest Software

Without sufficient funds, ALL SIDEQUEST GAMES WILL BE CLOSED in less than 6 months. Raid Land is an online class-based PvP multiplayer game, in which you must hunt, steal and hoard Gold to win!

With 3 playable classes, including ranged, melee combat and special abilities.

There are currently two different modes in Raid Land

Free For All: During a round, treasure chests will spawn around the level, protected by AI-controlled druid guards. The player must fight their way to the chest, open it, then steal the Gold-bags spawning from the chest. If a player carrying gold bags is killed, they will drop all their Gold for other players to steal. If the player is injured in a battle they can kill a Bunny and pick up the heart that it drops to heal. The player with the most Gold-bags at the end of the round is deemed the winner.

Team greed The basics of the game are the same but, now you are in teams. There are also AI "Guards" on each team to defend the spawn.

Game support[]

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