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The members of Solaris are devout followers of the way of the light. Pledged to the eternal battle to keep the darkness of the void at bay, bringing light and hope to the lands of Elderfall.

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The people of the Solaris clan had endured years of living in fear of the Void. The small community had been shattered by Shadow Hunters and Grim Berserkers who claimed the lives of many loved ones. The clan had been so broken that all they focused on was surviving, there was no time to elect a leader or gather resources to fight back against the Void. It was rumored that one day, as a member of the Solaris clan ventured out of the caves in the freezing tundra that they all hid in, curiosity overwhelming the individual, the gloomy clouds parted to reveal a glistening sun, high up in the pure, blue sky. After gazing at the sun for many minutes, admiring the rare heat, the individual ventured out, the terrain suddenly shining with a powerful aura. The clan member came across a worn temple, crumbled and fractured walls revealing a strange altar in the middle. Carefully stepping inside, making sure not to touch anything, the individual stared at a strange sun symbol etched onto the stone, at the top of the altar. Very gently, the person extended a hand and lightly laid it on the symbol. It suddenly came alive, an outline of shining yellow light tracing the symbol. It radiated with power. The individual gasped in shock as the same symbol on the altar appeared on the palm of the person's hand, power radiating from the altar. All of a sudden a beam of pure light shot from the altar and connected with the blazing sky. The individual walked back to the caves, mind racing, still in shock. After reaching the caves, another clan member stepped out from the deep depths of the depressing caves they hid in, who volunteered to join the first member. They both watched in awe as the beam disappeared and a shining drop of sunlight gracefully glided from the sky, dropped below the horizon, and disappeared behind the mountains. Still in shock, the couple glanced at each as the first was about to say something when a blinding blast of pure light radiated from the east, where the drop of sunlight must've landed. A wave of sunshine rippled violently throughout the lands. Expanding in a perfect circle, the wave cleansed the region with its perfect warmth and pure bliss. The wall of sunlight blew past the two individuals, knocking them to the ground. The wave finally stopped right behind them. It disintegrated into a golden mist, which was carried away by the gentle breeze. The frozen tundra had been transformed into a glistening desert, the clan members at the very edge of the effect of the radiation. One by one, the entire Solaris clan emerged from the darkness of the caves, and witnessed the desert lying in front of them. They all cheered with joy as everyone rushed forward into the comforting warmth of the sun, free from the fear of the Void. They ran past towering plateaus, and deep canyons. After many days, the clan reached the center of the blast, where a ginormous canyon stood, spanning many miles across the desert. Here, the members of the Solaris clan felt a strange sense of strength surging through their bodies. It was hope. Now with the power of eternal hope on their side, the clan trained for battle, Hunters achieving the blessing of Falcon Flight, wings forged out of pure light, allowing a short flight in the air to be possible, and Warriors mastering the art of the Immortal Impact move. The temple with the altar, now called the Temple of the Phoenix, had been abandoned. The person who found the temple became the prophet and leader of the Solaris clan, while the second individual to come out of the caves was awarded the title of co-leader. The huge canyon would be their homeland, and their empire would expand to claim all of the desert. The Void clan would soon come to challenge them, but now with light and hope, it would be much, much harder for the Solaris clan to be defeated. With the new Falcon Hunters and Immortal Warriors, the Solaris clan became a powerful force that could rival the once supreme Void clan. Solaris's primary base is in the immortal canyon, for it contains lots of light and sunshine for those to be in happiness. Devout followers of the way of the light, the clan swore to keep the eternal darkness of the Void at bay and to bring peace and hope to all of Elderfall.

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