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Berserkers, Warriors, and Hunters all have powers, unique abilities, and shortcomings. Utilizing all of these as they hoard gold and battle enemies will lead any Raider to victory!

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The Berserker is a long-range and melee class with 150 HP. There is a perk that allows you more stamina, but less health. The Axe Throw is the strongest attack in the game, with a possibility of dealing up to 200 damage. However, the axe curves through the air. When throwing through long distances, aim for above the target, higher up the further the target is. This attack deals 200 damage with a direct headshot, 100 when shot through the higher body, and 50 if uncharged. If the axe strikes a player when returning, it deals 30 damage as well. The Melee Swing is capable of taking out a Berserker or a Hunter in 2 swings, dealing 75 damage. Repeatedly performing this attack may result in the KO only taking one swing, dealing 75 when spinning both back and forth. The Axe Spin is useful when fighting in close range against evasive opponents, capable of reaching opponents around you. The Boost is a highly powerful attack with a large range and large amounts of damage (85). It is also useful in close-range brawls, and 2 of these can defeat a warrior easily if aimed. When fighting a hunter, useful strategies include using the axe throw to rival their bow and arrow, with the possibility of taking them out with one shot. When fighting a warrior, boosting into them will be most likely to hit them. Warriors with their shields are prone to attacks from behind. When fighting berserkers, axe swings can quickly kill the opponent, as well as a boost against more skilled fighters.

These numbers can be changed by perks that increase or decrease damage and HP.


The Hunter is a long-range class with 120 HP. Hunters have only one attack: aiming and shooting arrows. A hunter's arrow, when aimed at the opponent's head, deals 125 damage. This is capable of one-shotting other combatants without the Vitality buff. It can also deal 75 or 45 damage with other shots. While in mid-jump, a shot in slow motion will also be useful when jumping as it is harder for opponents to aim at you; however, it may be challenging to aim while falling down as well. When fighting Warriors or Berserkers, try to lure them to follow you and shoot at them while leading them towards you. When in brawls, it is best to jump over and away from them or dash away. A battle with another Hunter relies mostly on speed - whoever is able to aim and shoot faster will most likely win. The T4 Perk "Infiltrator" will help with attack speed and will give you an advantage against other Hunters without it. As soon as possible, grab the T2 Perk "Prey". When collecting a rabbit's heart, you will gain 25 extra HP from the Vitality buff. With 145 Health, you won't be one-shotted by other Hunters.

These numbers can be changed by perks that increase or decrease damage and HP.


The Warrior is a short-range melee fighter with the most HP in-game (180 HP) and a shield in addition. To effectively use the shield, especially when blocking against arrows, bring up the shield to block an incoming attack and then lower it to regain stamina you lost. A charged swing of the sword is a highly powerful attack. It can deal 125 or 100 damage, capable of one-shot killing a Hunter with the former. This is easy to charge up and use, however, it only affects a small area in front of the warrior and can easily be dodged by opponents. Uncharged sword swings only deal 45 damage, and are useful when fighting against an opponent with low HP or when you run out of stamina. Charging forward with the shield is the weakest attack in-game, dealing only 25 damage. It is, however, useful for moving around fast or defeating opponents with low HP. The Shield Slam is a powerful attack, dealing 65 damage. It affects a very large radius around the warrior, dealing damage to opponents quite far away. It is also hard to dodge and therefore useful in melee brawls. When fighting a Hunter, block their arrows with your shield while bringing it down in between attacks to regain stamina. A charged swing can one-shot kill a Hunter, and even the Shield Slam can deal crippling damage. When fighting Berserkers or Warriors, use charged swings to deal crippling damage, or impact brawlers with a powerful Shield Slam.

These numbers can be changed by perks that increase or decrease damage and HP.

These are main classes without upgrades. Warning: these numbers may be subject to change.


  • Falcon Hunter
    • Scout: The Falcon Hunter should be played like a basic Hunter, as it only possesses the extra abilities of horizontal flight. It can also be useful for getting to otherwise inaccessible places and quickly travelling.
  • Shadow Hunter
    • Assassin: The Shadow Hunter can become invisible for a few seconds with its Quick Dodge. Use this time to secretly travel and sneak up on others, kill unsuspecting enemies, or escape unseen from danger.
  • Golem Warrior
    • Guardian: The Golem Warrior's Golem Guard ability is useful in battles against long-range opponents. It can also be used to benefit teammates by giving them sanction where they can fire without being fired upon.
  • Immortal Warrior
    • Mercenary: The Immortal Warrior can absorb and reflect damage. Use its high survivability, attack and destroy opponents with buffed damage and defense from its unique shield.
  • Wild Berserker
    • Brawler: The Wild Berserker is like a normal Berserker. Use its ability to quickly sneak attacks and slow down opponents, killing and then hiding again.
  • Grim Berserker
    • Executioner: Use the Grim Berserker to deal crippling damage to opponents and maintain health. This can help both you and your teammates easily take down opponents already damaged by the Sanguine Strike, as the Sanguine Strike can not kill enemies on its own.

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