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Elderfall was built on the bulwark shoulders of the Warriors of the Great Southern Hills ~ these legendary fighters have forged themselves over generations into the strongest and most disciplined melee experts.

Abilities and Attacks

The Warrior specializes in melee attacks and has no ranged attacks or abilities.

The masteries for the Warrior are Golem Warrior and Immortal Warrior.

The Warrior is a close range beast, capable of absorbing and dealing immense damage. The Warrior is countered by the Berserker. The key to defeating a Berserker is timing, avoiding slam attacks with a dodge and blocking melee attacks with the shield. Because of the Berserker's versatility it is one of the most difficult classes to counter, making the job of a Warrior difficult.

Starting Abilities and Attacks:

  • Attack/Left-click: Melee Swing (It is what it sounds, you swing your weapon).
  • Main-Ability/Shift/Right-click: Shield Block (Block the next attack (from the front) costing of mana).
  • Left-click while blocking: Shield Rush (Quickly dash forward with force. Does damage to anyone hit and blocks attacks from the front).
  • Left-click while blocking in the air: Shield Slam (slam into the ground shield first dealing large damage to everyone in a set area bellow you.).

A Warrior as it performs its Shield Rush.

A Warrior performs its crippling Shield Slam.

Skill Tier 1 (class level 1)


Reduce stamina drain from blocking attacks


Increase stamina recharge rate for a short time from kills

DeathStreak; Fortified

Blocking costs no stamina with health buff on respawn from 3rd death in a row

Skill Tier 2 (class level 4)


All shield abilities inflict more knockback and damage on enemies


Reduce stamina cost of charged melee attacks and run faster during charge

Skill Tier 3 (class level 8)


Increase max health at the cost of reduced movement and stamina


Heavy melee attacks reduce the foes healing from hearts and marks them with a bleed icon

KillStreak; Warrior Glory

On 4th gold bag, each gold bag carried in a life multiplies Player Kill XP bonus

Skill Tier 4 (class level 13)


Slowly regen health if standing still and blocking, while not being attacked


Increase first strike damage of melee attacks after a kill

Skill Tier 5 - Mastery (class level 20)

Golem Warrior; Golem Guard

Create a projectile absorbing magical barrier on using shield slam

Immortal Warrior; Immortal Impact

Absorb and stack blocked damage then reflect back to foes on using shield rush The shield rush does a basic 25 damage on average. With 15 extra damage being added per stack. Absorbs up to 5 stacks.

warrior tips:

-when in combat jump and swing like crazy the reason for jumping is to dodge hits while attacking at the same time (note does not always work) .

-so the perks on warrior are major so use as many perks as possible like, meditate, ruthless and strength.

- watch out for long range fights those are very dangerous, so you might need to 1st hide 2nd sneak towards your opponent 3rd attack in that order .